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Monday, 27 June 2016

Not moths

Apologies for the non-lepidopteran post but whilst on my Kidwelly walk last week I came across a few other inverts including these two which I have suggested identifications for. Can anyone confirm or deny please?
Urophora quadrifasciata?

Welsh chafer, Hoplia philanthus?


  1. I too saw that picture-wing at Kidwelly Quay and wondered what it was; it`s not a group that I got round to doing in the past, so I`ll be interested if your provisional det was correct.
    I`ve had Hoplia philanthus locally in the past (including `recent past`) but looking on the NBN pathway maps there are no/v few S Wales records shown - very strange (as I would have submitted all my old records to the UK recording scheme).

  2. We also recorded a Welsh chafer ay Ynysdawela at the recorders day there last Thursday.

  3. Thanks both, any ideas who I could send the fly to for id?

  4. I`ll email you a contact....should be easy to i/d.