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Monday, 13 June 2016

Morfa Berwig friday night

Lizzie, Isabel and I ran a well-attended bat walk and moth trap at Morfa Berwig on friday. The event overall was successful but the persistent drizzle led to us packing up by 11:30 so there wasn't much moth action sadly. There was however an incredible number of caddisflies swarming around and inside the trap - I'd never seen anything like it.
The only macros to turn up in any numbers were common swifts and green carpets with singles of large yellow underwing, flame, flame shoulder, clouded silver, common white wave, clouded border, straw dot, marbled minor agg., middle-barred minor and pinion-streaked snout.

There were a few diamond-backs around plus Celypha lacunana, Chrysoteuchia culmella and the following two which i would just like confirmed if possible please:
Metzneria metzneriella

Cochylimorpha straminea


  1. Agree with the first one, Vaughn....and the second one looks right too. Pity about last Friday`s late rain.

    1. Thanks Ian. I also caught a nice little beetle - Deleaster dichrous, which I also had in my home trap the week before.