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Friday, 3 June 2016

In the wetland

My little 15 watt actinic trap has performed very well for me on the mountain, from time to time, but has not done too well in my own wetland at Cwmllwyd, where I always hope for exciting and exotic species to appear during each session, as if by magic. They don't. The answer, of course, is to run the mighty Robinson MV down there - a generator to enable this is a top priority purchase! Will I then be able to cart the whole outfit up the mountain as well?  Probably not! But you just know that I will give it a try.....

The actinic persuaded 13 species to visit last night, including 4 Devon Carpets (!), 4 Poplar Hawk, a badly mangled Dingy Shell and this rather fine Knot Grass.

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