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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

I wish that I had stayed in bed...

I put out the traps at both home and `away` last night but the results were disappointing and did not justify the 4.30am  rise. My `away` traps were at woodland sites at Stradey Woods, but most of the catch was of lesser numbers (and variety) of moths that I`d previously recorded. Tawny-barred angle, common lutestring, waved carpet (two sites) and scalloped hook-tip were the best of the mediocre away-from-home catch and double line the best in the garden trap. In the latter, plenty of lackeys, several tiny pinion-streaked snouts (that newcomers may think are micros) and the season`s first dingy footman (f.stramineola). I desperately need to get my energy levels up, `my act together`, await good mothing weather and trap some new habitat!

                                                        Above: scalloped hook-tip.
                                            Above: the melanic form of common lutestring.

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