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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

I saw a ghost...

Arriving home at about 10.30pm last night, I spotted a large pale moth flying back and fore above some red campions and other flowers that grow on the steep bank by my parking area. My first thought, as I simultaneously parked my car, was that it may be a hawk-moth of some sort but upon leaving the car, a quick look at the quite distant moth in the gloom suggested otherwise and I fetched the net that I always keep in the car boot.
After a bit of minor climbing up the bank, I saw what the moth was -  a ghost moth, a female that was probably egg-laying.
I caught the moth and have just released it to enjoy a drizzly morning - it sensibly took cover under a fern frond after a few seconds` worth of rain!

                                                  Above: female ghost moth, Tyrwaun, Pwll.

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