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Thursday, 30 June 2016

Garden Tigers are Around

The small actinic trap and porch light in combination attracted a small but select group of moths last night, including FFYs Garden Tiger, Double Dart and Large Fruit-tree Tortrix:


Also present, Clouded Border, Barred Straw, Peppered Moth, Common Wave, three Buffs: Arches, Ermine and -tip, Brussels Lace, Ingrailed Clay, Udea olivalis (2) and Brown House-moth (lots of these around the place recently).

Monday night produced a similar return, the only new arrival being a Crambus sp. which I think must be C.pascuella:


  1. Nice to see the double dart, Chris - one of Maenol`s specialities it seems. Awful mothing weather - I went out for c 30mins yesterday pm to look for daytime moths in an area of diverse habitat - but the wind was too strong for the net and the moths were hiding deep in the vegetation anyway, so no moths. The first marbled white butterflies were out though.

  2. Yes Ian, I had thought that the appearance of DD was late this year, but it was the same date last year - 29 June. Hopefully there will be more. If the weather prediction for tonight is correct I will probably put a trap out.