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Monday, 6 June 2016

Carn Cennen SN71

I climbed the mountain at 21:30 last evening (5 June) and set up the actinic near the top of the ravine. It's a somewhat rough decent, particularly in the dark, but I got home safely at 23:00. This morning, I must confess, I was a bit late getting up, at 05:00, but the light was still on when I reached the trap. The wind was stronger this morning and had blown egg trays around a bit - my fault, I should have anchored them with stones. As is often the case, there were very few moths in and around the trap. Just 14 moths of 7 species in fact. There's always the prospect of good moths to be found on the mountain, so it's worth the effort, I think. Here's the complete list (with some dreadful photos of some species):

Broom Moth x 4
True Lover's Knot x 2

 Dark Brocade x 3

 Glaucous Shears x 2

 Narrow-winged Pug

 Striped Twin-spot Carpet

And this rather battered Beautiful Yellow Underwing
It's a first for me - I will try to get a photo of it with its hindwings showing.



  1. Some very nice upland moths there Steve. Good luck with the Grey Scalloped Bar this year.

  2. Yes, and 10/10 for making the effort!