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Thursday, 9 June 2016

An interesting day of Marsh Fritillary sites on Monday. I found Marsh Fritillaries in very small numbers at a site above Glanamman, a site in Upper Brynamman where we did some management work with WTSWW in March, and a rather floriferous site between Cwmgors Industrial Estate and the old railway from GCG to Abernant colliery. Sadly, the latter site had suffered deep burning across two thirds of the area, with just 2 male MFs in unburnt northern third. I did however have a Mother Shipton, which brightened up the morning. Several Painted Ladies noted. 

Yesterday, George & I counted 6 MFs, 2 late Green Hairstreaks and an SPBF at a known site near Trapp. A few pics above.


  1. Nice photos (and records) Richard.

  2. So depressing that the Cwmgors wetland is burnt so often. It's a wonderful site.

    1. Sam, this is a small dry site of great (wet heath plus patches of M24)quality in SN7011 but not the Cwmgors wetland site in SN6910, (with deep peat & geum rivale) which is the one I suspect you are referring to. That's still looking great, with 3 MFs present on the fen "tumps" last Thursday on small NPT owned bit.