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Sunday, 5 June 2016

A little tort....

I had the traps out in the garden last night (4/6) and also two actinics left at an allotment site in Llanelli. Good numbers and variety of moths were caught - tonight (Sunday) also looks really good for trapping.
A tiny tortricid (c 5mm length) was caught in my home trap at Pwll, and my initial thoughts are that it is either Phalonidia manniana (water mint and gipsywort feeder) or possibly P. udana (a loosestrife feeder) - wetland areas are adjacent to my garden. However, I`m not sure - any corrections or suggestions please? The trap was actually placed next to a bed of two varieties of culinary mint, which may (or may not) be significant. I`m keeping the specimen.

                               Above: caught at Tyrwaun, Pwll, 4.6.16. Click on pic to enlarge.

Also, in my North Dock dusking blog (`diamonds galore!`) for last Friday, I posted a photo of an unknown tort which I now think could possibly be Dichrorampha sedatana (it was caught over a tansy stand) but, again, I`m quite unsure and have retained a specimen. Once more, any comments will be appreciated.

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