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Sunday, 5 June 2016

A Good Night

There were moths flying at about 21:00 last night (04 June) so I ran the MV trap in the "garden" at Cwmllwyd. But by midnight there seemed to be rather fewer moths than I thought may arrive and as there were thousands of midges again, I left the trap to work its own magic and retired for the night.

This morning, however, I could not believe my eyes - there were 75 moths of 29 species outside the trap! The total count reached 277 moths of 69 species, with no fewer than 30 FFYs!

There were large numbers of the oddest things - 25 Scorched Wing, 8 Oblique Carpet and 16 Alder Moth, for example.

Here are a few illustrations:

 Grey Birch

 Puss Moth

 Silver Hook

 Dark Brocade

And not uncommon, but very pretty and I love the name: Pseudargyrotoza conwagana!


  1. Those are big numbers Steve!....and silver hook and dark brocade are cracking moths to get in the `garden`(or indeed anywhere). The weather is tip-top for trapping tonight too! I`ll try to get out somewhere if I`ve got the energy.

  2. I have a cunning plan.....
    Which will be revealed tomorrow, if I've been strong enough to carry it out!

  3. Well done Steve. I wish I was in Carms to share the good weather, though Dingestow produced good numbers too (see Gwent Moths Blog). Silver Hook is especially good.

  4. Well done Steve, I had 3 Scorched Wing & 2 Alder moth last night at home & many Diamond-backed, I haven't check everything yet as out moth-ing at St A's tonight so short of time (sound like Ian now!)