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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

A few micros

As well as moth trapping at the weekend I also had a wander around Salem Common looking (unsuccessfully) for marsh frits. Consolation was a few lizards, a tree pipit, more of the ubiquitous diamond-backs, Crambus pascuella, Glyphipterix thrasonella, Bactra lancealana and a couple of others:
Pretty dingy and a terrible photo but a Glyphipterix of some kind?
This was actually in the trap - Eudonia pallida?

I know I've seen these before...


  1. First looks like a worn Glyphipterix thrasonella...

  2. The middle on is a worn Scoparia; E pallida is uncommon and its markings are actually pretty distinct when fresh. The third is Bactra lacealana.

  3. Thanks both (I thought the last might be Bactra but none of the photos on uk moths looked right!)