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Thursday, 26 May 2016

What a difference a night makes....

After a disappointing trapping night on Wednesday, with only small moth numbers, I decided (after hearing of thundery rain coming in from the Continent) to put out a nominal one trap in the garden last night (26/5).
Rising this morning at the now normal 5.00 am (the rain was then still only very light), the trap (MV) was quickly examined, revealing that there was both variety (c 30 species, mostly macros) and good numbers. The weather conditions are the same tonight so it would be worth trapping - just shelter your bulb (if MV) with a pyrex dish or a stout sheet of glass (I do n`t bother to shield my actinics). You may have a wet trap, but you should have the moths too.
I did not catch anything exciting last night but there were a few FFYs.

                                                         Above: a female fox moth.
                              Above:another in situ quick photo - one of the FFYs - an alder moth.
Above: a fresh and bright green carpet. The ones that I netted during the previous evening`s dusking on the dunes were noticeably browner and duller in hue - better camouflage for dune grassland?
                        Above: Blastobasis lacticolella, one of  a few micro species caught.

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