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Saturday, 7 May 2016


The MV trap was deployed both nights, but in different locations. On Thursday only 59 moths of 13 species were found, including 4 FFY: Dark-barred Twin-spot Carpet, Purple Thorn x2, Water Carpet x2 and a single Lesser Swallow Prominent. A possible LFY was one March Moth - I don't expect to see many more of those this year!

Friday 6th was a little better, with 100 moths of 15 species on show. FFY were Brindled Pug x3 along with singles of Iron Prominent and Cydia ulicetana. Plenty of gorse in our "garden."

Of the 159 moths recorded for the two nights, there were 35 x Common Quaker, 30 x Clouded Drab and 36 x Hebrew Characters - what a thrill it was to count them all!

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