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Sunday, 29 May 2016

SN62 29/05/2016

This moth was found during a visit to relatives this afternoon, near Taliaris. Grid ref: SN 662296.

Plutella porrectella

Lots of Dame's Violets in the garden.


  1. Plutella porrectella, as you probably well know Steve - a great record and a species for which I`ve been looking out for! I`ve not seen it, but it`ll be worth people checking stands of dame`s violet as it is obviously out now. Really well done (I`m jealous!).

  2. A very nice record. I will check how many previously in Carms. They do wander occasionally to MV.

  3. Just 9 records on the 2103 list. Also shows the value of daytime moth recording.

  4. None in 2014 or 2015, so this is the 10th.

  5. Thank you both very much. At last, a micro that's easy to indentify!