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Monday, 23 May 2016

SN533250 (near Llanfynydd)

I optimistically set a portable Heath trap in a small bit of woodland near my girlfriend's house this Saturday night (yes I know how to show a lady a good time) as it was forecast to be calm and dry...unfortunately I was rudely awoken at about 5 by torrential rain and struggled out to get the trap in. It wasn't worth the effort to be honest as the only moth in the trap was a common pug, with a coxcomb prominent clinging on to the outside and a geometrid which escaped before I could id it. There was also a black sexton beetle (Necrodes littoralis) and two cockchafers inside. I can't imagine this area has been trapped before so at least they might be new records?
During the day extra moth interest was provided by a single nettle-tap and a micro which I chased out of the house which very pleasingly turned out to be a smart Micropterix tunbergella; my first of the year.


  1. Well done for trying Vaughn. I just managed to empty my two garden traps before the rain hit Pwll at c 5.15am. Glad that you`re trapping in a new 10km square too.

  2. Ironicelly, that's almost the only site in SN52 that has been regularly trapped as Ali Baird (at that stage called Ali Heath) lived at exactly that GridRef between 2011 and 2012. She trapped quite regularly and did have Coxcomb Prominent (but not Common Pug). I'm sure you'll find plenty of other things she didn't catch.