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Tuesday, 10 May 2016


I didn't get the chance to trap at the weekend but I did find this tiny micro scrabbling around in the sink. It's distinctive but I still can't seem to find it...


  1. Tiny, you say, but that's not too precise. Could it be Ectoedemia decentella do you think (or another of that Genus)?
    As you may have noticed from a recent post, my micro ID skills are somewhat suspect!

  2. Very nice Vaughn. I think that's a female Elachista canapennella (which is a lot nicer than the grotty grey male) but it could be a Cosmiotes.

  3. Thanks both - it was an attractive little thing and very unlike the possible male I caught at Parc Slip on friday.

  4. Vaughn, I googled E. canapennella after George suggested it as a candidate for my grey micro from Friday, some of the images are a good likeness for yours (e.g. one from the Somerset Moth Group), and mine fits in with the variety as well.