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Friday, 6 May 2016

Quick post: more variety - things are moving!

It looked cloudier than predicted last night (5/5), so out went the garden trap and I was greeted by a greater variety of moths this morning, with several FFYs such as brimstone moth, flame shoulder, muslin moth, puss moth and pale tussock (as well as other `already-recorded for 2016` species). Tonight (Friday) looks even better in weather terms, so it`ll be worth trapping.
Adam Dare had a waved umber in his Burry Port garden trap.

                                               Above: puss moth and below, pale tussock.

.....I`m stuck on the next one (see below). I did consider ochreous pug - the trap was close to a pine tree and other conifers, but the resting position seems wrong for that species (where the wings are supposed to rest `below the horizontal`). Perhaps it is a brindled pug, but the specimen seems to be awkwardly intermediate in size (two photos of exactly the same moth - note how the colour differs!). It may be another pug species...any suggestions as to identity would be most welcome please. Thanks.

Postscript: good numbers and ample diversity of moths (many FFYs) in traps last night (Fri 6/5). Will post in due course - too busy at present.


  1. Looks like Brindled to me Ian. Oak-tree would be the only other likely possiblity I think, but it doesn't look well marked enough for that.

  2. Thanks George. After catching more of the same and oak tree pugs to compare with, I`d come to the same conclusion.