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Saturday, 21 May 2016

Not a lot going on

Like Ian I trapped on Wednesday night with much the same outcome, very few moths around. Flame, Silver Ground and Water Carpets, 2 Hebrew Characters, a 20 Plume, and a pug believed to be a pale version of Foxglove Pug:

That was all from the trap, but during the day I came across a Woolly Bear in the garden, the first I've seen for many a year in spite of the fact that Garden Tiger Moths are quite common here (and almost everywhere else!)

It was fully-grown and presumably looking for somewhere to pupate, so it might be a little while before the moths start to appear.

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  1. Ditto here at the coast - < 10 spp of common moths, inc 3rd silver y of the year. Also the pyralid Anania fuscalis, a moth that can be also flushed in daytime (Maggie James had one the other day at Ffos-las). In contrast, I note that one recorder in Ceredigion had a varied catch last night! I might try an hour`s `sweeping & beating` late this pm. Keep up the good work Chris.