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Monday, 30 May 2016

Meagre pickings last night...

I left an MV and an actinic out in the garden last night (30/5) and both - especially the exposed actinic left on the flat roof - were sparsely occupied this morning.
The traps were not without interest though, with a seraphim and a few FFYs such as lobster moth, willow beauty and large yellow underwing, the latter deserving its ASBO status by restlessly running around the trap, disturbing the contents and losing me a micro or two.

                                                  Above: last night`s Pwll seraphim.
Above: I caught this moth at Bryntirion allotments (Llanelli) two nights ago. It fooled me at first but I now think that it may be a particularly pallid seraphim.

Above; this Incurvaria oehlmanniella (a bilberry-feeder) must have be blown from local woods by last night`s brisk northerly breeze. However, I also note that it feeds on plums and dogwood, so may be of more immediate origin.

                                                                Above: lobster moth.

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