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Sunday, 15 May 2016

Ffos Las butterflies and moths

The past few days of warmer weather have encouraged the lepidoptera on Ffos Las to start making an appearance at last.

The photo above was taken on 5th May and it is obviously a carpet moth.  Is it a silver ground? The abdomen is raised, presumably in anticipation of mating.

Larval web of lackey caterpillars, seen 12th May.

Green-veined white first seen 6th May, this photo 12th May.

I've identified this as Ancylis badiana from Steve Clarke's post yesterday, seen 12th May.

I think that this is Pyrausta purpuralis, 13th May.

I haven't a clue!! Help please!

My first small heath of the year, 13th May.

I saw my first common blue on 13th May, this photo was taken 15th May on a cold afternoon when nothing was on the wing and I got the camera so close to this individual that I was in danger of knocking it off.

I am pleased to report that this seems to be a good year for the dingy skipper so far as I saw 10 on 12th May and 17 on 13th when the weather was bright and hot on both days.  They also appear to be extending their range on site as I'm seeing them in places that I haven't in previous years.

As always corrections and assistance gratefully received.


  1. Nice photos Maggie. No 1 looks like a small phoenix to me, whilst no 6 appears to be Anania fuscalis (larvae feed on seeds of yellow rattle and cow-wheat).

  2. Hi, Maggie. Anyone who's read my recent posts should not have too much faith in my ID ability - take care!

  3. Thanks for your help, as always, Ian. My book doesn't even have the Anania in so no wonder I couldn't I/D it!
    Your abilities are a lot better than mine, Steve, and I was able to go straight to the picture in my book so you saved me a lot of time.

  4. It used to be called Opsibotys fuscalis...try that name perhaps.

  5. Bingo! It is in the book after all with that name, Thanks