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Thursday, 26 May 2016

Daytime on the Dunes...

New moth convert Adan Dare sent me the photo shown below of a lead/July belle, caught at Pembrey Burrows & Saltings LNR yesterday (26/5). Either species would (I believe) be new for Pembrey, but which one - my tired brain can`t decide!

                                                                                          Photo: Adam Dare.


  1. It's neither! Oblique Striped. Nice moth.

  2. No wonder, stupid me! That`s what lack of sleep does. Adam sent it to me as `lead belle?` and I obviously went to the lead/July belle pair. No wonder I could n`t decide which one. I think I need to rest my brain!

  3. ...and, of course, (my excuse!) if I had the actual moth in front of me rather than a pic one would immediately see the size difference and not be mislead (though George was n`t!).

  4. And to `rub salt into the wound`, I think it was me who first recorded oblique striped at Pembrey Burrows back in about 1986 or so; and I can`t spell (misled)!