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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Cwmllwyd 30 May 2016

It turned out to be quite a good night for moths last night - but an exceptional night for midges! I retrieved the MV trap at the alder grove at 03:15 this morning, in an unremitting cloud of the vicious biters and I have the lumps to prove it.

But I digress; 41 species (of moths) were found, of which 12 were FFYs. One of these was a surprisingly late (out of hibernation) Autumn Green Carpet.

More common species included this rather pretty Campion showing its purple cross line:

And a Marbled White Spot:

It was good to see a couple of Sallow Kittens, too.


  1. You had more moths than me, Steve!

  2. Well done Steve, that's more species than I get on a night's trapping in the height of summer! Two trapping sessions and a couple of daytime sweeps around the garden in the last few days have yielded a paltry 28 species.