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Monday, 9 May 2016

Could it be.....?

Last night (Sunday 8 May) was a very good night for trapping and I will post some data, later. I am, however, getting overexcited about one micromoth found in the trap this morning. It could be that I cannot identify the moth because it's shown on the missing page in my field guide: this is the page that I'm sure shows all those micros that I cannot name (and there are dozens of them) and so I end up begging for help from experts on this blog. What I think it is, is shown in the caption below the photograph - I've printed the caption in very small letters so that it is easy to rub out when I'm proved to be somewhat foolish. The moth is at least a month too early, or, more likely, very late out of hibernation due to the excessively cold spring we suffered up here. Anyone who can rectify this appalling mistake should award themselves a shiny, new, one pound coin as a reward.

Acleris umbrana ?.

Or was I too hasty and it's actually A. hastiana?


  1. The dark streaks look distinctive, Steve, but A. hastiana is very variable as I discovered with the two I had earlier in the year. Fingers crossed, though, umbrana would be a great result! Perhaps gen. det. will be needed to resolve the issue.

  2. Sadly I think it is hastiana...there is a very similar one on the Hantsmoths website:

    But it would be good if Sam can give a second opinion.

  3. Thanks, both. That's 50p each then. After much mithering I stumbled upon the Hantsmoths photo you refer to, George; which explains the last line of my post.

  4. I'd like to donate my 50p to a fund for exhausted long-in-the-tooth moth-ers who shouldn't be getting up habitually at the crack of dawn. I think that we might both qualify, Steve!