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Monday, 16 May 2016

Beating and sweeping at Burry Port (16/5)....

Went in the late afternoon sunshine to the coastal grassland, woodland etc east of Burry Port to do some beating and sweeping. Recorded eleven species of mostly micro-moths:
latticed heath (seen in flight and settled), sharp-angled peacock, `nettle-tap` Anthophila fabriciana, Esperia sulphurella, Grapholita compositella, Cydia ulicetana, Micropterix aruncella, Phyllonorycter coryli (believed this), Glyphypterix fuscoviridella, Epinotia immundana, and Elachista argentella.
Also a couple of dingy skipper butterflies.
I`ll try to get a few photos of some retained individuals perhaps tomorrow, but I`ve got to get some other important jobs completed before the afternoon rain, so we`ll see! Unfortunately, not particularly good weather for night-time trapping this week.

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  1. Good work Ian. It's a good time of year for those little micro moths.