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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

A Sweeping First

I tried my new sweeping net for the first time in the garden yesterday afternoon and caught three moths, Micropterix aruncella, M.calthella and Glyphipterix simpliciella.  It has given me encouragement to use the net more often, particularly on the verges where Greater Stitchwort abounds, and around the pond where I have often caught glimpses of small fluttering insects but haven't had the means of apprehending them.

It also prompted me to put an actinic trap out last night. The catch was modest but included 4 FFYs: Broken-barred Carpet, Clouded Silver, Lychnis and an Acleris sp., but I'm not sure which one.

                     Acleris sp.                                  Cydia ulicetana?

My initial thought was that the Acleris was most likely to be A.laterana, but the reddish 'costal blotch' is ill-defined and, according to The Book, it's a bit early for the species.  A.schalleriana might be a possibility.  The other micro photo is one I caught in the garden last week but failed to get a decent image of it (got fed up with trying and let it go!)  It was quite small, fl 7-8mm.  Any suggestions would be very welcome.


  1. Glad that you`ve started on the sweeping (remember to beat branches etc with a stout stick into your net or simply sweep them away from the trunk etc). I`m sure that you`ll turn up new species Chris and sweeping will be profitable too if you go to some local good habitat (eg upland heather/bog etc). Your moth does look like ulicetana to me...lots out on gorse at present, and it wanders too.

  2. Thanks Ian, I will keep it going as you suggest, but not tonight - grandchild no. 10 was born at midday (in France) so there's some celebrating to do!

  3. It could be schalleriana, but it looks a bit long winged. I wonder if it's our old friend hastiana.