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Friday, 27 May 2016

A long night.

Rain was forecast for Cwmllwyd for the early hours of this morning, so instead of leaving the MV trap until dawn, I decided to stay with it and switch off before the bad weather arrived. At 02:00 I pulled the plug, although there were plenty of moths still flying. Heavy rain started at about 03:00.

33 species were found this morning, including 17 FFYs; one of these was a Devon Carpet which I seem to have failed to photograph before release - sorry about that! Here are some of the others:


 Pale Tussock

Least Black Arches


Syndemis musculana, I think.

Edit: Found it! Here's the errant Devon Carpet alongside one of four Water Carpets that also showed up last night.

1 comment:

  1. As always, nice photos Steve and I particularly like the colours in your coronet pic. The micro looks like S.musculana to me.
    I want to trap tonight but I`m bone-tired after two consecutive early starts, so will sadly give it a miss...there`s always tomorrow night! Don`t let rain put you off trapping -some of my best-ever catches were in thunderstorms.