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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Llansteffan moths

At last I am getting moths in the trap, saying that most of the moths from last night were on the wall, only two in the trap!
3 Small Quaker, 1 Hebrew Character, 1 Early Grey, 1 March Moth, 1 Oak Beauty and a Water Carpet.
Spring has sprung with 8 moths.


  1. Another cracking photo; well done Mel. Lots of spring flowers, but it's still cold at night up here.

  2. Thanks Steve, very warm last night but I thought colder this morning. Here's to a great moth-ing year though.

    1. I second that, Mel, it's got off to a late start but hopefully will make up for it before long

  3. Thanks Chris, I get stir crazy at this time of year waiting for the warmer weather and moth-ing to start in ernest.