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Wednesday, 13 April 2016


I was walking through Llandeilo today after an unsuccessful hunt for slow worms and I happened to catch sight of this small caterpillar feeding on an isolated dandelion clinging on to the pavement. I haven't got any of my books with pics of caterpillars in on me but I did a bit of google searching and it appears to be very similar to a scarlet tiger...can anyone confirm or deny this please? Either way, it might need me to go back and move it to a slightly more sustainable food source nearby...


  1. Hi Vaughn, Yes that is a Scarlet Tiger (one of the few caterpillars I know!)

  2. That`s amazing - you don`t expect to see scarlet tiger caterpillars on a pavement! I`ve had garden tigers in such circumstances, but any scarlet tigers were in `proper` habitat.

  3. Yes unfortunately I couldn't find it when I went back to move it (worryingly for my mental well-being, I couldn't even find the dandelion...)