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Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Butterflies from Bynea

Working in my mother's garden today I saw my first Holly Blue, had some photo's as well.  Two days ago I saw Speckled wood and a Peacock.  Does this mean spring has sprung!


  1. Nice photo Mel. I have n`t seen one yet but I was indoors for most of the afternoon - `carry on painting` etc. I had my first speckled woods yesterday (at Dafen and Llangennech) and a female brimstone on the `Llangennech by-pass` by the Crematorium.

  2. I got a bathroom ceiling that needs painting if ur offering 😃. I haven't seen a Brimstone yet. Holly Blue landed by me while I was weeding so I caught it for a posing picture.

  3. It`s a good photo Mel - we`ll use it in a `catch-up` newsletter that will appear in c 1 month`s time, if ok with you. `Catch-up` as I`ve got a couple of articles that could n`t fit into the recent newsletter.
    Painting?....I`ve got enough house jobs to last me a year!