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Friday, 18 March 2016

Still not out! (orange underwings)

I rechecked yesterday`s birchy heathland site and also a small raised bog near Pont Abraham in SE Carmarthenshire, but no orange underwings as yet; indeed not a single lepidopteran was seen. I have recorded orange underwings (and brimstone butterflies) on more than one occasion here in the past. The main purpose however, for the visit to the bog today was to cut a route onto the site with a `cryman` (sickle) as, late on a very rushed evening last year, I could n`t even get onto the bog due to thick bramble growth. A new access route is now prepared and I look forward to periodically trapping there as part of the effort to give SN50 better coverage in 2016.

Above: the bog in question, as seen this afternoon (Sam will also be familiar with this site). I`ve had heath rustics and, a little less than a decade ago, the first Carms record of the pyralid Pempelia palumbella from this remnant small raised bog.
I`ll be putting the `home traps` out tonight as conditions are overcast and very slightly warmer.

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