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Friday, 25 March 2016

Mining in Springtime

I decided to have a look at some evergreen holm oaks Quercus ilex at a couple of sites around Llanelli this afternoon (25/3) - at Old Castle Pond and at the Parish Church near the town centre. I`d looked for leaf mines on holm oaks at the former location in a previous autumn, when I recorded the `blotchy` Phyllonorycter messaniella. Today, at both these sites, I recorded what I think is another species and photos are shown below:

Above: Old Castle Pond (top photo) and Parish Church, Llanelli (lower photo) holm oak leaves. I think that at least some of the above the mines are those of Stigmella suberivora - I looked carefully for Ectoedemia heringella but found none. Please correct me if wrong - thanks.
I also found Stigmella aurella on bramble leaves.


  1. Looks good for suberivora. I don't think the Ectoedemia has reached south Wales yet, unless Sam has had it in Monmouthshire. I've looked for it in Cardiff without success.

  2. Not yet had the Ecto in 35 but only looked briefly. I have a nagging feeling someone from out of county has found it though. Will check.

  3. Thanks both for the comments.

  4. The Ectoedemia has now arrived in VC41 at least: