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Saturday, 12 March 2016

Early days yet....

Perhaps it was still a bit on the cold side last night (11/3/16), but there were six species in the Pwll garden actinic - common quaker, Hebrew character (2), red chestnut, March moth (2), clouded drab (3) and dotted border. The weather looks more favourable tonight - cloudy and warmer.

Above: a selection of last night`s moths. Clockwise: dotted border, clouded drab, common quaker, March moth, red chestnut and Hebrew character.

                                                        Above: one of the March moths.

Postscript: whilst getting the actinic ready to put out again tonight, I noticed this oak beauty (see below, with a damaged wing) sitting on the outside of the trap - somehow I missed it when rushing this morning - so a total of seven, rather than six, species.


  1. Nice photos, Ian. My Early Moths were quite late, so perhaps I will have to wait until April to find a March Moth!

  2. How do you get six moths to pose like that 😜. Well done, I'm going to try tonight.

  3. Sheer willpower and talking gently to them! Seriously, put them in the fridge and tap them out gently, then edge them together with a thin twig.