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Sunday, 20 March 2016

Carms Moths and National Moth Recording Scheme

A few dutiful messages from me as county moth recorder for Carms:
1) I'll be sending the Carms records from 2015 into the National Moth Recording Scheme (NMRS) and the Local Records Centre (WWBIC) imminently
2) NMRS are expanding to include Micros from 2016 onwards; they already have a full dataset for Carms Micros so that won't involve much change
3) there's a new South Wales Regional Verification Panel for Micros, including me (VC35 & 44), Dave Slade, George Tordoff and Chris Manley (VC41), Norman Lowe (VC42), Robin Taylor (VC45) and Ina Smith (VC46).  We will correspond with each other on tricky Micro IDs and are also aiming to produce a Welsh Micro Census Catalogue (a list of Micros with the Counties they have been recorded in).  Please continue to send Micro queries from Carms to me and I'll circulate if necessary.
4) NMRS have a revised Data Exchange Policy, which can be looked at on

I hope everyone who sends data to me as county recorder is happy for me to pass that data on to the national recording scheme.  Please let me know by email if you aren't.

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