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Friday, 29 January 2016

In the house tonight

Probably brought indoors with logs for the wood burner, this micro was photographed in a rather grimy pot using incandescent light and a very high ISO setting, so apologies for the awful result. I will try again in daylight (if it's ever bright enough). The moth is a first for me and for Cwmllwyd.

Mompha divisella, I think.

Slightly more accurate colours in daylight.


  1. There's always the possibility of bradleyi but the basal area is very white and broad so I think safe to record as divisella.

    We usually get a few in the house around this time but I haven't seen any so far this year.

  2. Thanks very much, George. I checked the LRC Wales site: had the moth been M. bradleyi it would have been a very rare find for Carms, so I thought that divisella was most likely.

  3. bradleyi seems to be quite an urban moth in Cardiff - I've only seen it in the really urban bits and it doesn't seem to make it even as far as the northern suburbs where Dave and I live.

  4. I had bradleyi at Tyrwaun early last April, confirmed by Sam. Glad to see that someone is mothing, albeit `passive`!