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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Some very late photos from Ffos Las and elsewhere

For various personal reasons I have been unable to download photos from one of my cameras since mid October, (not that there were many on there, as for the same reasons I have been unable to walk the Ffos Las circuit much recently) and the weather has been far from favourable for outdoor photography.

This late bee was foraging on a gorse bush.

A moth that was kindly identified as a winter moth for me by Ian Morgan; it was on a window by my back door on 12th December.

I saw my last 2 butterflies, red admirals, on Ffos Las on 31st Oct, my last moth, a treble bar, on 9th September and last caterpillar, a fox moth larva on 25th October. I don't posses any traps so any other sightings such as the winter moth above are totally random and I am looking forward to the spring and the new moth and butterfly season and better weather for dog walking.

Happy new year everyone!

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