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Monday, 14 December 2015

Some more winter mothing....

The weather forecast looked fairly suitable last night, so I thought I`d see what was about in mid-winter and out went the garden actinic trap. There was not much to see in the trap this morning, just two December moths, a winter moth, a feathered thorn, Epiphyas postvittana, and what I quickly think is a double-striped pug, but a very hasty det. - I`ll `double-check` it later (no pun!). By all means, correct me if incorrect.

                                              Above: a poor photo of last night`s pug.
                                                           Above: the winter moth.
On his Christmas card to me, Arthur Chater remarks (regarding Pumlumon in Ceredigion) that `the removal of grazing from large areas has worked wonders, including Wood Tigers in several places`. The wood tiger is a moth that I`ve never seen, so I must try to check the steep slopes of the Pysgotwr Valley where grazing has also ceased in recent years. The above Ceredigion experience perhaps holds hope for our Carmarthenshire upland/peatland moth assemblage.
Talking of peatland moths, a site that is really crying out for regular trapping to see what uncommon moths are there is Cors Goch Llanllwch, on the western outskirts of Carmarthen. I wonder if anyone is willing to trap at this Wildlife Trust reserve (after the necessary permissions etc)?


  1. I put a trap out last night too after several weeks of unsuitable conditions here (my last trapping session was 31 October!) Last night's catch: 13 December Moths, 4 Winter Moths and a single Mottled Umber.

  2. Thirteen December moths is a really good count Chris and it`s such a handsome moth too. I`ll probably continue to do the occasional trap on mild, quiet nights, as the weather is so unseasonal. Normally, I cease trapping in c. early November and restart in c. early March.