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Saturday, 19 December 2015

Only the loopy....

Only the loopy would put out a trap last night (18/12), given the forecast of very heavy rain in the latter part of the night - but I did! I was tempted by reports (on Atropos Flight Arrivals) of some `good` migrant moths turning up - admittedly in small numbers - on the SW & S English coast.
Taking the forecasted rain into account - and it did really pour! - I jigged up very much a Heath Robinson mix of my MV and my actinic traps to provide some shelter. The main trap used was my MV, as it is of plastic construction, whereas my `mains actinic` is substantially made of wood and I did n`t want any more drying to do when it`s difficult to dry my washing in this hyper-oceanic and protracted wet spell of weather (I`m too mean to get a tumble drier!).
The trapping session started off well, with a red-green carpet and a December moth turning up within 10 mins at c 6.00pm - but it went very quiet indeed afterwards. Retrieving my trap in the gloomy monsoon that was this morning`s weather, I was a bit disappointed to find only the above-noted moths, a second December moth and the micro shown below.

Above: last night`s red-green carpet. I wonder whether it`s a female that has n`t not yet gone into hibernation or one that has come out of hibernation, due to the record-breaking mild weather?

Above: two views of last night`s micro-moth. I`m unsure regarding its identity - possibly Scrobipalpa costella? Any help would be appreciated please. Det as Ypsolopha ustella by George Tordoff -thanks!


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  2. Looks like one of the many forms of Ypsolopha ustella.

    Just two postvittana for me last night.

  3. Thanks George. I`m tempted to trap again tonight, but 50mph winds put me off.

  4. Drying your moth trap in a tumble drier really would be loopy ;-)
    Good effort Ian, someone has to catch something good eventually - if only it would stop raining!!!!

  5. Not forecast, but rain currently hammering against the window!