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Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Maenol moths spurn wild weather

Encouraged by the latest Atropos editorial ('the capture of very rare immigrant moths on nights of bad weather') I decided to set the MV trap last night, albeit in the greenhouse, where it has previously attracted numerous moths in spring and early summer.

I switched the light on at 5pm, along with the porch light, and checked both every half hour or so, but although plenty of flies were on the wing I didn't see a single moth, and switched the lights off before retiring at 11pm.  There were no moths in the trap this morning.  In fact the only lepidopterous insect I have seen today was a Drinker Moth caterpillar which was on the crate beneath the trap this morning.


  1. Well done for trying Chris. There have been nights in the past (admittedly not mid-winter!) when I have thought, `I wished I had trapped`, as others had caught unusual moths - `if you don`t try, you don`t get`.
    With misplaced enthusiasm, I put out one trap earlier, thinking that I could trap - `just in case` before the rain, scheduled for 8.00pm, came. It started raining (lightly) about 30mins ago, so I took it in - so certainly no moths tonight!

  2. I didn't repeat the experiment last night!

  3. I trapped last night, under shelter - zero moths!