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Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Another Cornifrons - but not much else!

I was pleased to get my 3rd Cornifrons ulceratalis last night (28/12), it arriving at c 8.00pm. However, it was a really `wild and windy` night and the only addition, when I inspected the trap this morning, was a solitary rush veneer. I include a couple of photos of last night`s Cornifrons with another caught the previous night (Chris Manley took another one away to photograph yesterday) and the photos illustrate the two different resting positions of this moth - the upright, hunched `caddis-fly look` and a more flattened pose. Both have now been released.

                                                         Above: the `flattened look`.
                                                   Above (on left): the `caddis-fly look`.

The previous night I caught the Caloptilia shown below - any idea please regarding which species?

                                    Above: can anyone name this Caloptilia for me please?

It`s been very strange to moth-trap in mid-winter and I won`t be trapping tonight (oncoming westerly gales etc), but if the weather improves I`ll give it another try as there has been exceptional migrant activity, with lots of rare moths around on the English south coast. There`s no reason why we should n`t get some in South Wales.


  1. Three Cornifrons at the same location is just mad! You must be growing the foodplant in your garden, whatever it is? Congratulations on a memorable series of captures.

  2. Thanks Barry. I think that both Carms and Glam both put in effort to intercept the very recent spate of migrants (and Sam at least trapped in Mons - with success). It looks like Pembs and Ceredigion were not trapping over the critical period and missed out - the former in particular usually is well-placed to get migrants, but only a small mottled willow in the very early part of the period is noted on their blog.

  3. I know one of the best-placed VC35 moth'ers didn't score much - perhaps his site was too windy. I haven't heard of anything else here in Mons. Pembs was perhaps too windy, as several sites on S Coast of England didn't do well and said conditions were too windy. It looks like we were lucky (but made our luck to an extent)