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Saturday, 26 December 2015

A surprise Christmas present!...

After reading the editorial in the latest Atropos journal, which exhorts us not to be put off trapping in rainy weather with strong southerly winds, and also after checking the Met Office forecast, I decided to put out two traps last night (25/12). The mains actinic was placed on the flat roof, and an MV was set up about half-way down the garden path.
The subsequent weather was appalling - the SW wind was certainly as strong as expected - 50-60mph, but the rain was heavier than I anticipated. Indeed, at about 2.00 am, I was awaken by the rain absolutely lashing at my bedroom window and, hearing the actinic trap actually move around my flat roof, (even though it was `ballasted`!), I went outside and took down this roof-top actinic. It was n`t working anyway, as the leads had been blown loose from the connection. The MV was left out on its ground level position.
After a rather sleepless night (more wind and rain on the window etc), I got up this morning to retrieve the MV at about 8.00am, expecting it to be moth-less. The plastic base had almost a half-centimetre of water and most of the egg cartons were soaked through. The trap held a muscid fly, a small caddis-fly and a little pyralid, which I suspected was the `necklace veneer` Euchromius ocellea, probably of West African/Azores area origin. It indeed was, and some photos are shown below. Click on photos to enlarge.

                                  Above: Euchromius ocellea, new to Carmarthenshire.

Footnote: last night (26/12), in torrential rain, my only catch was a very worn rush veneer. Another moth - perhaps the same on size/`looks` etc - flew off as I approached the trap. I also had a more seasonal December moth. Conditions look good for trapping tonight (27/12) - no rain, warm, overcast and S or SE winds.


  1. I tried here at Cnwc, but someone turned off the porch light. Really glad you caught a Euchromius!!

  2. Great result Ian, well done for perseverance. I've just put the trap on and fingers are crossed for something equally as exciting

  3. Ooh well done Ian, I'm going to have a go tonight as it's not going to rain. I admire your perseverance as well.

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  5. Top Moth for a Top Man - well done Ian and a Happy New Year to to you and all who use this forum.