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Friday, 20 November 2015

The Last Post.....

.....for me this year, probably. The first calm and dry night for what seems like several weeks prompted me to crank up the MV in the Dutch barn at Cwmllwyd last night (Thursday 19th November) to try to fill in the gaps in late season captures. The first moth appeared on the outside of the trap at 18:35 - the second sighting this year of Rusty Dot Pearl. This was followed by another in the trap sometime during the night. Second arrival, at 19:45 was this December Moth (FFY):

A Winter Moth was only the second for this year as one was found here on 5 January. Singles of Feathered Thorn and Yellow-line Quaker completed the catch. So only 6 moths of 5 species, with just one added to the year's total which now stands at 269 species - a record for Cwmllwyd.

Looking forward to the next season: Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. Top marks for trying Steve. I actually put out my actinic on the flat roof (its usual place) last night at c 6.00pm, but as nothing had appeared by c 8.30pm, I took it down. I can`t see me trapping much now, and I`ve started inputting my year`s worth of paper records onto Mapmate to send to Sam.

  2. Nice photo Steve....Happy Christmas to every one as's to next year may it be better than this.

  3. Please do send your records to me ASAP! Steve wins the prize for prompt submission, as he has already sent me an excellent dataset for Cwmllwyd (in the 'columns' spreasheet format for a single site) along with a separate Excel spreadsheet for other sites in SN72.