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Thursday, 5 November 2015

November vestals have the most poise...

....Sorry about the title!, but I was very pleased last night (4/11) to have my first vestal of the year at my single garden actinic trap at Tyrwaun, Pwll. I wish now that I`d put out more traps! A red sword-grass was also a `garden/year first` for me, and the total number of species recorded was 18 (all macros) - a good tally for November, and they included some of the latest dates that I`ve personally made for various species.

                                                        Above: last night`s vestal.
                                                          Above: red sword-grass.

The southerly winds continue tonight (though with heavy rain in the early hours)....I`d love to catch a white-speck!
Footnote: I put out the trap again last night (5/11 at 6.30pm) but unexpected heavy rain (it was supposed to be just overcast according to the Met Office!) made me take the trap in after two hours. There were no moths and only a few caddis flies.

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