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Sunday, 8 November 2015

A nice thing to find under the porch light...


Sadly this Sprawler was in Monmouthshire rather than Carmarthenshire (see, but as it's only the second one I've seen in 20 years of mothing I am not complaining!


  1. I`m jealous, Sam! I left an outdoor light (which I`d forgotten I had!) on yesterday evening, in the hope of enticing your sprawler westwards. There were 6 `Nov. moth agg` and two feathered thorns clustered around the light, but there was absolutely nothing in the nearby actinic on the flat roof.

  2. porch lights have big advantages, particularly in grotty weather when it doesn't matter if nothing turns up

  3. I - optimistically - also put out my home actinic last night (10/11) but there were no moths, only a late male short-winged conehead Conocephalus dorsalis ( a type of bush-cricket). Earlier, there was a single feathered thorn and a Nov moth agg by the outdoor light before I switched off. The season is certainly coming to an end - I must enter my2015 records onto Mapmate soon!