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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Tyrwaun, Pwll 25th October....

I put out two actinics on Sunday night - a mains actinic on the flat roof and a weaker, battery-powered actinic next to woodland down at the bottom of the garden. Interestingly, I noticed that the latter`s actinic had faded due to battery depletion, but this was not unexpected as it had been out for almost 14 hours (they never cause any problems with the shorter summer trapping times).
I had ten species of moth - the aggregate of the two traps, all in ones or twos except for the five silver y`s. The moths were: green brindled crescent 1; common marbled carpet 2; sallow 1; setaceous hebrew character 2; silver y 5; winter moth agg 1; red-line quaker 2; large wainscot 1; turnip 1; pale mottled willow 1. There`s not many moths in the traps at this time of year, so doing a morning check is quite speedy, but there`s always hope of something `good` like a sprawler (which I`ve never seen!).
I`ve just been re-checking my pale mottled willow (an extremely whitish-grey specimen) and my turnip (in case the latter was a pearly underwing), and I include some photos below.

Above: my pale mottled willow, showing how pallid it was. Clancy`s rustic is also very pale but has a very prominent and dark stigma and the markings on the wing underside are less marked (see below).

Above: the same individual (looking browner due to the lighting) and showing the markings on the underside of the hind-wing (see p 140 in the Townsend and Waring Concise Guide to the Moths of GB & I).

Above: I decided on turnip (rather than pearly underwing) for this one. The hind wings were white, incidentally. If I`m incorrect, please let me know and I`ll alter the caption.

The weather tonight (Tues, 27/10) is overcast and rain-free and there`s SSE winds, so it may be worth trapping. I`ll be trying my home actinics.
PS. I did trap, but when putting out the traps and noting the moonlit conditions, I was not optimistic. I was right too - last night was a flop, with only two moths in the two actinics - a sallow and a winter moth agg.


  1. I was going to trap, but like you, the moon put me off, there wasn't a lot of cloud movement so I didn't bother, glad now. Sad the season is ending, lost one of my little dogs so not in a good place at the moment, pity it wasn't spring instead of autumn.

  2. Sorry to hear about your dog, Mel. Spring will return in due course and hopefully cheer you up.