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Sunday, 18 October 2015

Trapping over the weekend.

I trapped at two west Llanelli garden sites this weekend (both mains actinic) and a third site - a `mobile actinic` at Furnace Quarry (also located in `W Llanelli`, but in a different 10km square). Numbers were fair, with 17 species at my regular Tyrwaun, Pwll trap,  but no surprises. As an example of numbers and variety, the species recorded at the latter site were: green brindled crescent -2, silver y -3, LYU - 4, black rustic -3, sallow - 6, pink-barred sallow - 2, light emerald - 2, common marbled carpet -7, Blair`s shoulder-knot - 2, setaceous hebrew character -5, red-line quaker - 4, yellow-line quaker - 2, square-spot rustic - 1, angle shades -3, large wainscot 1. Also, Eudonia angustea (has been regular recently in small numbers) and Blastobasis adustella.

                                                 Above: angle shades `playing a leaf`.
                                                        Above: Blair`s shoulder-knot.
       Above: a poor photo of two quakers - yellow-line on the left and red-line to the right.
                                                       Above: Blastobasis adustella.


  1. great photo of that Angle Shades.

  2. Thanks Jon - still using my `toy camera`....I must sort out my new one ready for next season.