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Sunday, 11 October 2015


I trapped at my parents' near Salem for the first time for months last night and I'm glad I did - managed to match Steve's haul of 17 species though I had 38 individuals in total and missed out on some of the species he had. Most common was green carpet with 8 individuals then common marbled carpet and sallow with 4. New for the year for me were Brindled Green and Merveille du Jour (insert gratuitous photo here:)
Brindled Green
I also had mottled umber, small wainscot, green-brindled crescent, frosted orange, pink-barred sallow, nettle-tap and a nicely marked red-line quaker:

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  1. Welcome back Vaughn! I`d thought that we`d lost you - perhaps due to hefty bribes from Messrs Stewart and Tordoff!!!
    Keep up the autumn trapping - for example, you may get a sprawler later on in your Llandeilo area.