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Monday, 12 October 2015

Quick update from Pwll

I duly placed the small actinic near to where I last saw my escapee scarce bordered straw yesterday afternoon but no joy regarding its re-capture. The night was certainly cold and clear and there were only five common moths in this particular trap and the same applied to another (stronger mains actinic) that I`d placed on the nearby flat roof.
As I had already put the above two traps out last night (in, it has to be said, forecasted unsuitable weather conditions), I thought that I had might-as-well put a third actinic out. This I positioned right at the bottom of the garden, next to some woodland and immediately adjacent to a cypress tree in the hope (I failed!) of a cypress carpet. I did, however, catch a Blair`s shoulder-knot.
What surprised me though, was the relative profusion of moths - given the dire numbers in the other two traps - in this trap. This I put down to the sheltered position (a handy hint perhaps on these cold nights?) and I had a similar experience the previous night with my two traps at Dafen - where the open ground trap had just two moths, whilst the other more sheltered trap under trees had quite a number more.
Anyway, this morning`s trap at the bottom of my garden had 18 species, including a FFY chestnut and no less than 19 sallows and 6 pink-barred sallows. I also had a red-green carpet, a species that I`ve been catching in much better numbers this autumn.

                                                        Above: Blair`s shoulder-knot.
                                                                      Above: chestnut.
                                                              Above: red-green carpet.

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