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Sunday, 11 October 2015

More Monmouthshire treats

With 6 children here over the weekend, I had a good excuse for moth-trapping.  Luckily the moths lived up to my hopes and a good, colourful assemblage of sallows, thorns, MdJs etc showed the youngsters how varied moths can be.  Overcast conditions were ideal, and the final tally was >150 individuals of 39 species, with a Rush Veneer the only migrant.  Highlights were the 1st Brown-spot Pinion and 2nd Orange Sallow for Dingestow.  Wish I'd caught a Scare Bordered Straw though :-(

1 comment:

  1. Please keep up the Dingestow posts Sam - I find them really interesting and informative.
    I`ve just checked my actinic placed close to where `Mr Houdini S.B.Straw` `did a runner`, but nothing yet (except a couple of sallows - probably those I released nearby after photo`g this pm).