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Friday, 9 October 2015

I too trapped last night....

As with Mel at Llansteffan, I too trapped last night (8/10), setting out the mains actinic on the flat roof. My migrants were confined to a couple of silver y`s, but they were accompanied by a fair variety of autumn moths including l-album wainscot - a second brood individual of this species which I regularly get in my garden trap and elsewhere locally - with others such as flounced chestnut, beaded chestnut, and large ranunculus. Engrailed, sallow (yes, it was a sallow this time!), pinion-streaked snout and rosy rustic were among the remainder of the total of a dozen species.
The forecast for the next few nights is for cloudy conditions with sometimes a SE wind, so it may be worth trapping in case you get something nice and exciting as with Mel`s vestal. I may try some trapping in local woodland tonight, as well as leaving the home trap out. Good luck if you trap.
Please do try to get some autumn trapping done - there`s `good` species to be had out there and Carmarthenshire`s tiny (and it seems sadly diminishing) band of trappers needs any help that can be contributed. On another matter, for those who have n`t, there still time to enter your Moth Night records - just go to the Moth Night 2015 webpage. Incidentally, there`s no need to fill in the weather section for your Moth Night records.

                                             Above: last night`s l-album wainscot at Pwll.
Above: one of two large ranunculus caught last night and showing the efficacy of its camouflage.
                                                                       Above: sallow.
                                                            Above: beaded chestnut.
                                                          Above: flounced rustic.
                                                                 Above: rosy rustic.

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  1. Nice photo's Ian. I think L-album Wainscot is one of my favourite moths to catch.