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Sunday, 18 October 2015

Bush-crickets attracted to moth trap

Seeing Maggie`s earlier post prompted me to do this quick note about bush-crickets attracted to moth traps. I regularly see dark bush-crickets and speckled bush-crickets in my Pwll garden and both sometimes occur in my moth traps. Recently, I had a dark bush-cricket in one of my actinics and, on Friday night, a speckled bush-cricket. I`ve also had a slender groundhopper Tetrix subulata attracted to actinic light (though this time it was perched on the adjacent wall rather than in the trap) and, at Gelli Aur Country Park, I`ve also caught oak bush-crickets in such traps.

         Above: dark bush-cricket (female - note long ovipositor) in trap at Tyrwaun (9/10/15).
Above: speckled bush-cricket (male - note `claspers at tip of abdomen), Tyrwaun, 16/10/15.

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